Policy Areas

The Broader Bolder Approach to Education promotes a set of policies that, together, prepare all children to begin school ready to learn, ensure that they are healthy and well fed so that they can learn effectively during the school day, and provide enriching activities that sustain and build on that learning after school hours and over the summer.

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Early Childhood Education

Disparities in opportunity that begin before birth are at the root of achievement gaps seen throughout children's school lives. Indeed, scholars of brain development, education, economics, and others document the consequences of growing up in poverty and associated lack of resources on educational success. A Broader, Bolder Approach to Early Childhood Education evens the early playing field by ensuring that disadvantaged children enjoy the same health, nutrition, and other benefits that enable more privileged children to thrive. 

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Comprehensive Strategies

Health and nutrition supports ensure that children come to school immunized, well fed, and without toothaches or acute asthma attacks that prevent them from focusing and learning.

After- and summer-school enrichment provides space to do and help with homework, adult support and mentoring, and the academic, cultural, and recreational activities that are needed to develop creative thinkers, informed voters, and civic leaders.

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School Improvement

Accountability systems support and enhance good teaching and leadership and offer effective ways of identifying excellent teachers to mentor peers and weak teachers who should switch jobs.

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Narrowing the achievement gap requires us to attack poverty, not schools. Decades of research affirm James Coleman’s findings that family and community factors are major drivers of achievement gaps. It's time for a Broader, Bolder Approach to Education!

Ensure good nutrition for all children. High rates of severe obesity among low-income students impede their learning and classroom behavior. We need a Broader, Bolder Approach to Education!

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BBA Infographic

10:1 That's Nobel economist James Heckman's estimated return to society from high-quality pre-k programs' help in boosting low-income children's cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social readiness for school and life. View the full BBA infographic to learn more.

Bolder Approach to Education Infographic

Broader, BOLDER Approach to Education

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