These blogs by BBA leaders and allies illustrate how the wrong version of accountability does harm, and how it can be done right:

  • Marc Tucker points out in EdWeek that the evidence is on the side of the grassroots civil rights leaders who see harm, rather than good, in test-based accountability systems.
  • In Making the Most of Common Core, Elaine Weiss and former MCPS superintendent Josh Starr pose five questions that districts should use to understand the implications of scores from the new state assessments and put in place systems to boost them going forward.
  • In Crunching Test Scores Isn’t Enough, Elaine Weiss teams up with veteran DCPS high school math teacher David Tansey to highlight the need for accountability systems that take much more than standardized test scores into account.
  • Stop Counting on Education “Miracles” shows how narrow, high-stakes accountability systems have wrought anything but miraculous results (Elaine Weiss for US News)